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WhatsApp Online Version

Many people around the world use the powerful communication tool WhatsApp and it's easier than any other form of communicating. For some of them this is the only way to interact with people.

Screenshot of WhatsApp Online

You can use WhatsApp and work in the same time on your PC or Mac by accessing WhatsApp in your browser. If you do not know how to use WhatsApp On-line here are 4 simple steps with screen-shots.

New Tools and Design for Facebook (Updated)

New Tools and Design is an extension for Chrome that adds new functions and makes changes to the layout of Facebook. It adds new functions like Show Newsfeed Only, Auto Scroll, Timer, Scroll To Top, Quick Links and makes changes to the layout of Facebook.

Updates: Bug fixed based on your comments.

LINE Web Version for PC or Mac

LINE is a mobile app that let's you show social updates, free voice and video call and chats with user friendly design. The cool stickers that suit every life situation can help in the quick communications overcoming any language barrier issues.

LINE Web Version for Chrome
Screenshot from LINE Web Version for Chrome

LINE is a great mobile chat application and the most used messenger in Japan. Now you can use it with a Chrome browser on your PC or Mac. Here are the 8 simple steps with screen-shots.

What is Snapchat

Snapchat Wallpaper 1920x1080
Snapchat is a Messenger, in which the messages destroy after even a short period of time. Here, pictures and short videos are sent, which can be additionally equipped with text or paintings. There are also a few filters.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, has made a video to the Declaration of Snapchat.