Snapchat Desktop Background
Snapchat offers 2 basic functions. Messages can be send privately to friends or make up stories. Then again, these are visible to everyone and a whole day long.

The private chat

With Snapchat, you can privately chat with others. To do this, to send an image instead of a text to his friends. In the image, you can paint something, write or install Emoji. As this also works with short videos. To send a picture or video, then the receiver has 10 seconds to look at the message maximum. How long exactly, decides the transmitter. Between 1 and 10 seconds are available. Then the message is gone. Disappeared. Deleted.

Of course, the receiver can create a screenshot with its Smartphone to permanently keep the image. Only, the sender receives a message. Intended as a warning, it can be used but also playful.

For some time, users can also classic texts back and forth. But images to communicate the unique feature of Snapchat is quite clear.

The public stories

In addition to chatting, the user can create a story. Pictures and videos can be also only 1-10 to see seconds however 24 hours. Best one can imagine that as a picture book or a timeline, to back off new snaps are attached and forward the oldest snap to see is that not yet is 24 hours old. What is older, is deleted from the beginning of the story. In contrast to the private chat, these Snapchat stories can be seen by all follow one (or if you clicked on it in the settings). The stories are so to speak publicly.

Find users on Snapchat

There are 3 ways to sign up with someone to networked, in principle. Number 1 is the username. Simply type  and it is connected to. Number 2 has the contacts in your Smartphone. A contact at Snapchat is logged in, you can find him via the telephone number and "add" - so that is at Snapchat. Add so. The third possibility is scanning the QR codes. You can then handle this with a digital business card. Simply Snapchat open, the camera automatically detects that it has a QR code in front of the lens, and adds to the other. You can search for nearby friends on Snapchat then still using the site.

Create a snap

The nice thing about Snapchat is, that snaps create very quickly - so long to hang the artistic bar not too high. First you just a photo or video of themselves or their environment. Then come the design possibilities in the game. Text, top are Emoji and a brush, wipe out left and right filter over the image will be placed. Not anymore. Or better: finished! Below then just decide whether the masterpiece of a single person in the chat should go or be hung on their own story. That was it.