Reasons to use Snapchat

Snapchat Geotag

First a warning: what you first must get at Snapchat, (apart from the fact that the app is not really intuitive to use) are the few feedback possibilities. In stories they can respond directly but recently on a single snap, but likes, comment columns, or even the possibility to share the posts of others, completely missing on Snapchat. This is weird at the beginning. But release helps. Finally you must resign himself also, that after 10 seconds the snaps are gone. Absolutely unusual and new for all social media users.

Snapchat in private use

Private use is the core of Snapchat. Two friends send each other pictures and videos and to communicate about it. Who lack meaningful facial expression, can write his answer in the photo or paint. The chat is fast, he is authentic and in contrast to WhatsApp and co, Snapchat offers the opportunity to actually see. Self destruction, calls to Snapchat can be also quite personally. The fun factor is also unrivalled high!

Snapchat for companies and brands

Here is the same as for private use: Snapchat offers the chance to communicate authentically. And you should do it just as a company or a brand. High-gloss images can be neither create nor share the app. There is no second Instagram. Finally this is the appeal for companies. And here too: let go and relax. Then it works also with Snapchat in corporate communications.

Storytelling is the key word on Snapchat, at least for businesses and brands. Because a man is forced to tell, on the other hand you can do so in any other app stories in his stories. Finally, all snaps expire one after the other. The storyboard walked right through and must be can't compete with other in the newsfeed or interrupt itself. The user in the story is in there, he also stay as long as it is well done. Best practice there are of course many. Still to come mostly from the United States. Five randomly fretted out examples, whatever you can do as a company on Snapchat:

Amazon (username: amazon) snappt also. The brand shows its employees, for example, on Snapchat what happens in the Office, etc. A typical look behind the scenes. With Snapchat, you have but somehow the feeling to be there. More than a YouTube video. There are also cheap offer via Snapchat.